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Reed Switch Feature Comparison

Switch Features

REED reed-switch-comparison

Construction Glass/Metal Oxide Bond All Metal Switch
Durability Fragile Even When Packaged Virtually Indestructible
Plastic Insert Molding Fragility a Problem Can Be Insert Molded
Ferrous Proximity Sensor Requires Additional Magnet / Cost and Size Issues Only Stand-Alone Technology with Capability / Lower Cost
Magnetic Activation – Defeat Globally – Easily Defeated Defined Zone – Cannot Defeat
High Voltage Exposure Permanent Contact Welding Resistant to Contact Welding
Electromagnetic Interference Easily Affected Not Affected

MAGNASPHERE is also a superior replacement for Hall Effect switches.
 (1) Does not require a third wire as a power source. (2) Does not drain battery supply during stand-by. (3) Operates on similar magnetic field strengths. (4) Does not require RFI/EMI protective filter. (5) Does not sense only one magnetic polarity. (6) Uses similar PCB “real estate” area. (7) Does not require shielded wire harness. (8) Robust to shock forces and impact.