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Recent Customers

Government Agencies:

Professional security specialists in several government agencies have recognized the superior security characteristics of the MAGNASPHERE technology. U.S. Government Agencies, including the Department of Defense, Department of State, Department of Homeland Security, and The Library of Congress, are specifying the MAGNASPHERE HSS to protect their highest level secure areas. The recent publication of the UL 634 Level 2 high security Standard, and the new DNI ICD (DCID replacement) positions the HSS to be the standard device used on all government SCIF and other high level security installations.

Anixter:  This global distributor of security products has added the HSS high security sensor to its product line.


Digi-Key Electronics:  The largest global catalog distributor of electronic components, with over three hundred thousand active customers, now features eight models of MAGNASPHERE switches. In addition to their on-line catalog, Digi-Key Electronics prints and distributes over a half a million print catalogs annually


  Uses a MAGNASPHERE- based power switching door sensor to control compartment and panel lighting for fire and rescue vehicles made by the world’s largest truck manufacturing company.


NORAM: An ISO manufacturing company located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, NORAM provides value added packaging of MAGNASPHERE switch technology integrated into a wide variety of sensor applications.