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    I wanted to provide you with ‘real world’ experience utilizing the MSK radar sensor.

    As indicated, we obtained several of the units to be installed at both our Central Station (where we Beta test devices)

    and selected customers who we have ‘special relationships’ with.

    The installation of the 1st unit did take some ‘tweaking’ and understanding of how the technology operated and

    Needed to be adjusted and calibrated by my Service Manager – Ryan.

    Once completed, there have been ZERO false alarms from this device – as opposed to a well-known Thermal

    Camera type of sensor that was mounted next to the MSK device (and the Thermal unit has since been removed due to erratic operation and less than stellar customer support by the manufacture who has just been acquired by another firm.)

    We then had a salvage yard customer who allowed us to test the MSK devices (2) at his metal yard..

    There were initial difficulties due to the environment with both a nearby train (about ½ block away) as well as

    Animals such as racoons and possums.

    Magnasphere customer support worked with us to re-align and adjust the MSK device.

    We are most pleased!

    Over the last 3-weeks there have been ZERO false alarms – in a most HOSTILE environment – with large bales of scrap metal sometimes semi-blocking the detection pattern.

    I thought I would let you know and that you can publish this information as you see fit!

    Joseph (Joe) Pfefer

    President & Founder, Jade Alarm Co.

    “Actually, it was probably one of the most effective presentations that I have witnessed. You showed us the advantages of your product using nothing but a little box of parts. No PowerPoint presentation, no corporate jargon.

    You let the product speak for itself. As former technician, I was very impressed.”

    David S. Hunsberger
    Senior Fire Alarm and Security Designer | Global Buildings Design

    “In an effort to provide our customers with the best and most secure solutions we can offer, it was an absolute ‘no brainer’ when we discovered MAGNASPHERE’s line of door switches.

    Our company has been in the security industry for over 50 years. We install and consult on all facets of physical security applications and it is not often we are astonished by a new product. We were so impressed with Magnaspheres that on a recent project we upgraded all the high security switches, from the Sentrol 2707AD High Security to Magnaspheres L2D-007 True Level 2 Switches, about 20 in all. In good consciousness there was no way we could allow the Sentrol switch to be installed, particularly after seeing how simple they were to defeat demonstrated to me by Rick Kirschman, Founder of MAGNASPHERE Corp.. We had already started the project so we absorbed 100% of the extra cost. These are very high security switches, so this was big expense, but it was the right thing to do. It is refreshing to see something that is usually taken for granted as much as the simple door switch is, improved to this degree. If your company takes security seriously, especially high security solutions, you owe it to your customers to take a good look at what Magnasphere has to offer in their line of security switches.”

    Yours truly for Greater Security, 

    James H. Aarstad
    Systems Design & Sales
    Fisher Systems, Inc.
    Level III, Engineering Technician

    “Our customer, a luxury car manufacturer, requires a method to recognize and pre-qualify the key fob used for the ignition key. The Magnasphere switch was able to consistently sense the ferrous metal in the fob, providing the desired results in a compact, durable package.

    Strattec Security Corp
    Automotive Component Manufacturer
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Based on the pricing, it’s an awesome deal that makes ordering the traditional Interlogix units illogical.

    I have shared the Magnasphere MSS-Series information with some industry peers as well as potential clients during the initial sales survey process. When in a competitive situation disclosing the vulnerabilities of a typical system sets you apart from the crowd. I have also had the opportunity to revisit some older customers (hardwired) that had called me for additional work and they as well are interested in upgrading to Magnasphere technology. The responses have been very encouraging for your technology. Your product provides the opportunity for the saying “I didn’t know, that I didn’t know” when explaining to an existing customer they now need an upgrade. Other than the obvious technology superior contact, what stands out:

    Inverted design allows for superior radiation of the sensors transmission signal by not having the battery blocking up to 50% of the antenna in certain panel & transmitter alignment situations

    • Inverted design also would help condensation issues when installed in less than ideal environments as described in spec sheet
    • Less “factory” holes in bottom mounting plate also minimizes moisture & bug intrusion
    • Narrow format is less obtrusive than standard Interlogix
    • No conventional spring to drop or possibly loose on the tamper switch, it’s happened
    • Knock-out elongated design for both mounting screw holes (instead of just one) allows for additional fine tuning final position

    Best Regards,

    Lonnie Stabler
    Security Systems, Inc.
    Midlothian, VA

    Thanks for the instructions, we just received your new  wireless contacts. Great product, easy to install and we like that we can place the magnet on a steel door without using spacers. What would be a help is to identify the contact loop numbers in the instructions for those of us that use Honeywell Compass for programming. We figured it out though. Glad to see that its made in the U.S.A., we will definitely be looking to use your other products in the future.

    Thank You,

    Michael McRoy
    Foreman Of Electrical Mechanics
    City of Chicago
    Fleet & Facility Management
    Division of Critical Communications