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TECH TALK with Bob Dolph: Checking Your Contacts List

One of the most basic elements of an intrusion system is the alarm contact or switch used to secure doors, windows and other building openings. Although ubiquitous and not overly complex, alarm contacts nonetheless require the utmost attention to ensure proper alarm system operations. It’s been a considerable time since we have discussed the important and exciting subject of magnetic alarm contact sensors.

INTRUSION INNOVATION: A Breakthrough in Alarm Switches

For the first time in decades innovation is rocking the world of intrusion contacts. Discover how new alarm switch technology may make established drawbacks like fragile construction, global activation, fusion susceptibility and magnetic manipulation a thing of the past.

Sensors: Quitting the Quicksilver

Nonmercury RoHs-compliant switches can be actuated by ferrous metal – Magnasphere Corp., is finding uses for its non mercury, RoHS-compliant tilt switches in a variety of off-highway applications to sense outrigger, boom or hitch positions. READ MORE ...

Reed Sensors: Old Dog with New Tricks and More Security!

Founders of Magnasphere® Corp., Waukesha, Wis., have taken decades-old Reed switch detection technology for security contacts to new heights. Originally developed by Bell Labs in the late 1930s, Reed switches had three weaknesses: easy potential defeat with magnets;...

Two Insiders to Bring ‘Undefeatable’ Door Contact to Alarm Industry


WAUKESHA, WI. August 30, 2010. Two former alarm company owners, Michael Keegan and Chris Utter, have teamed up with a company called Magnasphere to bring a new kind of door contact to the alarm industry, one that they believe will become the industry standard within five years.