Press Releases

Magnasphere Door Contacts Earn UL Fire Listings

Waukesha, WI. Magnasphere Corporation has announced a number of their UL-634 listed door contacts have been tested and are classified UL-10C, The Standard for Positive Pressure Tests of Door Assemblies. This allows Magnasphere contacts to be used in fire rated doors....

MAGNASPHERE Announces New UL 634 Level 2 Approval

A new UL 634 Level 2 High Security Standard (for connectors and switches used with security systems) has been created by Underwriters Laboratories, the U.S. product safety testing organization.

This new standard will help Secure Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF’s) and other high security installations to identify the magnetic contacts and sensors that provide the absolute highest level of physical perimeter intrusion detection. Virtually unbeatable and unbreakable, the Magnasphere HSS meets the new UL 634 Level 2 high security standard and ensures high security areas remain secured.

New Technology Plugs Security System Holes

A vulnerability in the way a reed switch security contact operate s
may allow an intruder to break into any home undetected

WAUKESHA, Wisconsin –“When my neighbor’s home got robbed and the alarm didn’t go off, I wanted to know why,” said Dr. Woods. “I soon discovered the reed switch security flaw and set out to design a more secure switch technology that would do the job that I thought the reed switch contact was supposed to do.”

Critical Hole Discovered in All Home Security Systems

Magnetic defeat crime presents a serious threat to a homeowner’s personal security since it requires no special skills, uses limited resources, and leaves no forensic evidence.

WAUKESHA, Wisconsin – Despite its widespread acceptance, the reed switch contact’s easily exploitable operational flaw undermines its ability to effectively act as a security system’s first line of defense, compromising the integrity of the entire system.

MAGNASPHERE Introduces New Unidirectional Tilt Switch

MAGNASPHERE’s magnetic switching improves vibratory contact stability over non-mercury alternatives

WAUKESHA, WI, September 2013 – Magnasphere Corp. ( announces the release of a new unidirectional tilt switch. An industrial grade non-mercury switch, the T1-AB-JS is RoHS compliant and is sealed from atmosphere and water. Configurable to either Form A or Form B, the unidirectional tilt switch requires no standby power consumption and has versatile mounting options.

The new unidirectional tilt switch features precision switching range and is chemically inert.

MAGNASPHERE Introduces the New MSS-RFS Series Wireless Security Sensor

The Most Secure Wireless Sensors Available Anywhere in the World

WAUKESHA, WI, July 2013 – MAGNASPHERE has introduced their latest product, the MSS-RFS Series Wireless Security Sensor. Designed as a replacement / upgrade for the OEM’s RF sensor, the patent-pending MSS-RFS series provides the strongest FCC allowable output signal while maintaining a 14+ year battery life and in a narrow, low-profile, aesthetically appealing housing.

MAGNASPHERE Selected as 2009 Global Security Challenge Finalist

WAUKESHA, Wisconsin , October 6, 2009 – The Global Security Challenge, one of the world’s most prestigious international security competitions honoring excellence and innovation in the security industry, announced the selection of Magnasphere Corp. as a finalist for the Most Promising Security Start-Up company for 2009. Magnasphere, and five other high-tech innovative finalists, will battle it out on November 13 at the 2009 GSC Security Summit in London.