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MAGNASPHERE Switch Advantages

MAGNASPHERE’s patented, award-winning switch represents the FIRST SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT in magnetic switch and sensor technology in 70 years, and provides a better alternative to switches used in industrial and commercial applications.

  Robust construction
   Resistant to contact failure from power surges
  Only technology that senses ferrous metal
  Available through mainstream distribution channel
  Lower cost
    More compact


MAGNASPHERE’s sensors have an UNLIMITED POTENTIAL for use in robotics, industrial and medical equipment, and within the automotive industry — to name just a few — and is an ideal solution for applications that have specific requirements, such as:


  High-stress applications that require a more robust switch such as small-engine oil level sensing, off-highway vehicles and automotive.

  Applications with high levels of electromagnetic interference (EMI) 
such as generators and motors.

  High-volume applications 
that require automatic insertion or surface-mount printed circuit board assembly of insert molding such as utility metering devices and automotive switches.

 Non-defeat anti-tamper applications such as industrial equipment, utility metering and safety interlock.