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Introducing our new product line the Magnasphere Anti-Climb System – MACS.

New 3 Axis MEMS-based Anti Climbing System for rigid and semi-rigid fence protection by TSEC.

MACS-S3H sensor. Compact, stylish and practical.

The sensor is housed in a technical polymer case with fibre glass featuring a compact and stylish design, which blends in perfectly with aesthetics in combination with practical demands. Indeed the special design enables quick installation of the sensors with a single central screw and fixing plate on various types of fences.

Master MACS-MAS.

NO 230V connection, NO power supply unit, NO backup battery The control board, known as the Master, can manage up to a maximum of two chains on independent communication buses
for a total of 240 sensors.



MACS-ETH Comm. Board. All under control.

The Comm. Board has 8 configurable relay outputs + 1 tamper relay for interfacing the MACS system with an alarm control panel. This is connected to the network via the Ethernet port to enable programming and control of the system via the web interface. All system elements communicate in authenticated and encoded mode thanks to sophisticated security.

For more info click Download below for the PDF Datasheet, Instructions and Rest API.