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HSS Series

MAGNASPHERE has created the L2 Series HSS “High Security Sensor” – The Next Generation of sensors for high security standards for SCIFs, safes and vaults, and all other high level secure applications. The acclaimed MAGNASPHERE HSS devices are listed to UL634 Level 2 High Security Standard. In addition to their vastly increased security they offer many labor saving installation features, including embedded EOL resistors. Both the L2S single alarm contacts and the L2D dual alarm contacts are surface mount.

One of the unique features of the HSS L2S and L2D is the ability to add embedded EOL resistors and related electronics to offer the ultimate in security. We offer a variety of embedded EOL resistor configurations and values.

In addition to the surface mount models, MAGNASPHERE has expanded its L2 series HSS product line to include the revolutionary L2C series for installations where concealed sensors are desired for both security and aesthetics.

UL634 is the standard for all switches and connectors used in alarm systems. The 9th edition (2007) eliminated the previous BMS high security categories. Learn about the difference between High Security Levels 1 & 2. The ICD 705, sets the standards for SCIF intrusion detection systems for the government Intelligence Community, and requires the use of HSS Level 2 devices.