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Frequently Asked Questions: Security Issues

Are reed switch contacts really a threat to my security?

IN THE 1970’s, once it was discovered how easy it was to defeat a standard reed switch magnetic contact, high security facilities demanded a more effective alternative. As a result, the multiple reed switch magnetic contact was invented to resist intruders attempts to bypass the security system and evade detection. While they have since become the common device used to detect breaches in high security facilities, their high cost and large size made them an impractical security solution for most homes and small businesses – until now. MAGNASPHERE offers the same level of magnetic defeat resistant security at a fraction of the size and cost.

Can your provide any statistics on magnetic defeat crime?

INTRUDERS WHO HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFUL in defeating and evading reed switch contacts with magnets leave no forensic evidence. While one could look to police reports which note a break-in occurred and the “alarm didn’t work” as an indication of magnetic defeat crime, there is no organized means to gather this data from police departments. But this we do know: (1) High security facilities demand magnetic defeat resistant sensors. (2) With the advent of the internet and the free flow of information, there are no more secrets. (3) And, it’s easy to do – so why would you want to leave yourself vulnerable?

Why are you teaching criminals how to defeat my system?

WE BELIEVE THE CRIMINALS ALREADY KNOW how to defeat your system. While it may not be a secret to them, it has been to law abiding citizens who are blissfully unaware of how easy it is to defeat a reed switch magnetic contact. In fact, we believe disclosing the information levels the playing field between the criminals and security system owners – because consumers can now make an informed decision when selecting security sensors. Now that an affordable and safer alternative to the reed switch exists – why wouldn’t you choose MAGNASPHERE?

Why do I need MAGNASPHERE if I have motion detectors?

MOST PEOPLE WOULD AGREE that they turn their motion detectors off at night when they are home sleeping. With that in mind, the only protection between you and an intruder are the reed switch door and window contacts that can be easily defeated by a common magnet. And if the motion detectors are turned on, they only provide a benefit AFTER an intruder is inside your home. Multiple layers of security defense is always a good idea. But given a choice, detecting intruders from outside your home is a much more reassuring than detecting them while they’re inside your home.

Why didn't my security dealer install MAGNASPHERE?

MAGNASPHERE TECHNOLOGY has only been commercially available for a short period of time and your security dealer may not have been exposed to new technology yet. If you would like to swap out your exploitable reed switch contacts in favor of MAGNASPHERE – just call your dealer and ask for the conversion. MAGNASPHERE will work with any commercially available burglar alarm system. While your dealer may bill you for for the incremental labor and materials, but at least you will have the peace of mind knowing that your security system will always be ready when you need it.

Where can I find a dealer that carries MAGNASPHERE?

PLEASE CONTACT US and we’ll personally help you find a dealer that carries MAGNASPHERE. Or, you can call any security dealer in your area and ask for MAGNASPHERE directly. If they don’t carry the line (yet), they can easily receive the technology for your new installation from MAGNASPHERE within days.