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Side Sensor Switch (High Current) 087

Sensor Series
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Side Sensor Switch (High Current) 087

NORAM’s sensors, made with MAGNASPHERE switch technology, are ideal for rigorous applications where hermetically sealed, non-contact switching and sensing are required. The 050 sensor features a normally closed MAGNASPHERE switch coupled with a solid state power circuit capable of switching 25 amps. This rugged, hermetically sealed sensor is used on fire trucks and other vehicles to provide switching for compartment lighting with an auxiliary circuit for dashboard indicator lamps.  Use with 059 magnet actuator.

Actuation position:  Side of sensor

Sensor Characteristics

Housing Material:
   ABS, White
Load Rate: 25 AMP
Switch: Magnasphere 250 MA@30 vdc
Contact Form: NC (Form B)

Part Numbers

Side Sensor Switch (High Current) 087


NORAM dimensions-050

Sensing Zone

NORAM illustr-050

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