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Recessed Proximity Sensor 061

Sensor Series

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Recessed Proximity Sensor 061

Noram Sensors, made with MAGNASPHERE switch technology, are ideal for rigorous applications where hermetically sealed, non-contact switching and sensing are required. Sensor 061 snaps into a 3/4″ diameter hole. Normally closed MAGNASPHERE switch will sense magnetic target.

Sensor Characteristics

Sensing Position: 
Magnasphere Switch:   MG-B2-6.5-L
Contact Ratings:   30VDC@250MA
Contact Form:   NC (Form B)
Actuating Target:   Magnet or Ferrous Metal
Operating Temp:   -40 C˚ to +85 C˚

Part Numbers

Recessed Proximity Sensor 061


NORAM dimensions-061

Sensing Zone

NORAM illustr-061

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