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N Series: Form A (Normally Open)

Switch Series
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N Series | Form A (Normally Open)

The MAGNASPHERE N Series is the original MAGNASPHERE switch design. It’s robust all metal construction is highly resistant to magnetic tamper and defeat, and permanent contact welding from power surges. The N Series switch can also be used as a close tolerance ferrous metal proximity sensor (no magnet actuator required).

General Information

  Non-Ferrous Metal Housing, Compression Seal Hermetically Sealed, Protective Gas Atmosphere, Precious Metal Plated Spherical Magnet Contact.

Soldering Guidelines:   600º F (315º C) Temperature iron for 5 sec. (max.). Do not solder within 1/8” (3 mm) of glass seal. Lead pins precious metal plated for enhanced solderability.[br][/br] Termination Polarity Guidelines:   Polarity selection is non-critical, though some life gain may be realized by center pin as cathode on logic loads, but center pin as anode on larger loads.[br][/br] Lead Wire Cutting / Bending Guidelines:   Cut length has no effect on magnetic OP/REL values. Shearing action type cutters are recommended, but end nippers and side cutters are NOT recommended. Metal style seals are extraordinarily rugged, but the bending of unsupported lead wire pins adjacent to the glass seal is not recommended (i.e. when bending use the support of some type of parallel jaws spaced away from the glass seal to grip the lead wire pins while bending the pins’ free ends, so no bending strains are imposed on the glass seal.[br][/br] Other Comments:   Ferromagnetic materials and strong Electromagnetic devices proximate to the switch or its actuator magnet may adversely affect expected OP/REL switching values. Experimentation is recommended to investigate areas of concern.

    Standard for Industrial Control Equipment, UL 508

Contact Characteristics

Contact Form:   A (Normally Open-N.O.) Contact Material:
Initial Contact Resistance (Typical):   < 150 Milli Ohms
Contact Capacitance:  < 1 pf
Contact Ratings:  30 VDC @ 250 ma
Contact Bounce* (Typical):  < 10 milliseconds*. Recommended trial de-bounce – 15 milliseconds (min.) closed contact condition for logic state changes – or 30 Hz low pass filter buffer
Minimum Breakdown Voltage (Typical):  300 VDC
Insulation Resistance (Typical):  > 5 Mega Ohms

Operational Characteristics

Operate/Release Values:
 See Switching Characteristics Table Actuation
Magnet Orientation:  Either Pole
Maximum Operating Frequency:  20 Hz Mounting
Position:  Any Plane
Operating Temperature:  -40°C to +150°C
Shock (Switch Damage):  > 100 G’s
Vibration:  10-15 G’s (80-450 Hz) (Higher Values Available)

Sensing Zone

MAGNASPHERE N Series General Sense Zone

Switching Characteristics

MAGNASPHERE N Series Switching Characteristics

N SERES:  Switching characteristics the target moves closer (a),  this normally open switch will CLOSE at the air gap distance (d),  and OPEN when the target moves away (b).

Part Numbers

  • MG-A2-1.5-N
  • MG-A2-3.0-N
  • MG-A2-5.0-N
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