HSS-L2S Single Alarm, Surface Mount Contact

HSS Series | UL 634 LEVEL 2

   UL-634-Level 2 High Security

   Upgrade for existing BMS devices

   Easier to Install

 The HSS L2 SERIES is resistant to:







Model: HSS-L2S  |  Level 2 UL-634 
Single Alarm, Surface Mount Contact

We offer a variety of embedded EOL resistor configurations and values for the HSS L2S Single Alarm contact. The L2S product offerings meet the UL634 Level 2 High Security Standard. If your needs require resistor values not shown, please contact MAGNASPHERE. In addition, we offer L2S versions of the HSS that have embedded electronics that match exclusively the control panels offered by Hirsch Electronics (L2S-HIR) and Cinch Systems (L2S-CIN). Please contact either of those companies to get additional information.


  • INTRINSICALLY SAFE, Simple Apparatus
  • Resistant to External and INTERNAL magnetic defeat
  • Replacement for existing BMS devices
  • No adjustment required for installation
  • Industry’s most secure removal tamper sensor/circuit
  • MAGNASPHERE® switch technology resists permanent contact welding (lightning, power surges, stun guns)
  • Single (L2S) and dual (L2D) alarm contacts available
  • American made using award-winning MAGNASPHERE switch technology
  • Compatible with control panel models that accept contact inputs
  • Built-in EOL resistors available
  • Competitively priced


Size: 4.25″ L x1″ W x 1.5″ H
[107.9 mm x 25.4 mm x 38.1 mm]
Max Gap: .25″ [.125″ Gap for UL 634 Level 2 Installation]
Housing: Aluminum Case, Silver-Gray Anodized
Max Current:     0.25A Resistive
Max Voltage:     30 VDC
Max Power:      .25 W
Configuration:  Closed Loop
Max Gap:          .25″ (Note: .125″ Gap for UL 634 Level 2 Installation)
Wire Lead: #22 AWG, Solid Color-Coded and 36″ Armored Cable Standard. For other lengths, contact factory.
Operation Temp: -40° C to 80° C
Wiring Schematics / Part No.

Wiring schematics for the following part numbers are available on the Downloads page in this section:
  • HSS-L2S-000
  • HSS-L2S-001
  • HSS-L2S-002
  • HSS-L2S-003
  • HSS-L2S-004
  • HSS-L2S-005
  • HSS-L2S-006
  • HSS-L2S-007
  • HSS-L2S-008
  • HSS-L2S-009
  • HSS-L2S-011
  • HSS-L2S-012
  • HSS-L2S-013
  • HSS-L2S-014



  • L
         4.25” (107.9 mm)
  • H     1.5” (38.1 mm)
  • D     1.0” (25.4 mm)
  • S      3.5” ( 88.9 mm)
  • S1   0.75” (19.1 mm)
  • P     0.84” (21.3 mm)
  • P1   0.52” (13.2 mm)
  •      3.03” (76.9 mm)
  •     36.0” (914.4 mm) 
    x  0.30″ (7.6 mm)

Stainless Steel Cable A
0.125″ (3.18 mm) 
Actuation Gap 
(recommended for maximum internal magnetic non-defeat characteristics)


MAGNASPHERE products are covered by U.S. and International Patents. Click to review each patent at the USPTO Patent Full-Text and Image Database.

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