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HS Universal Spacers

HS Series – Installation Accessories | UL LEVEL 1


for use with HS-1.5 Model

HS-1270  |  Universal Spacers (Quantity: 4)

1/16″ (1.5mm thick)

Kit of 4, 1/16” thick plastic spacers for use with HS-L1.5 series UL634 Level 1 High Security Contacts


For complete installation instructions, download the PDF in the Downloads area of this section.


Best Use of Spacers for L1.5 Installation Alignment

Out-Swinging Installations (Switch affixed to door stop. Magnet mounted to door using bottom-mount holes. Labels facing downward.)

In-Swinging Installations (Switch affixed to door frame. Magnet mounted to door by front-mounting holes. Labels facing horizontally outward.)

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