HS-L1.5 Surface Mount, Dual Alarm Contact

HS Series | UL 634 Level 1

   Tested to 9th edition UL 634 Level 1

   Made with MAGNASPHERE® switch technology

   Single and Dual alarm contacts

   NO adjustment required for installation

   NO brackets needed for most installations

   Lowest Cost

 The HS SERIES is resistant to:





Model HS-L1.5  |  Surface Mount, Single and Dual Alarm Contacts

In response to market demand for an improved High-Security contact for use with Safes, Vaults, SCIF, and other High-Level Security Applications at a cost competitive with old technology triple balanced BMS devices, Magnasphere is pleased to introduce the L1.5 series High-Security Switch.

Made with patented MAGNASPHERE® switch technology the American made L1.5 is listed to UL634 Level 1 High-Security Standard (9th Edition), and incorporates many of the security and installation benefits of Magnasphere’s renowned HSS L2 (UL634 Level 2) for installations where price point outweighs the requirement for the highest level of security.



  • Tested to 9th edition UL 634 Level 1 high security(both in-swing and out-swing doors)
  • Made with MAGNASPHERE® switch technology
  • Single and Dual alarm contacts
  • NO adjustment required for installation
  • NO brackets needed for most installations
  • Solid color-coded lead wires
  • Integrated removal/pry
  • tamper (no back plates)
  • Low profile
  • Two hole mounting
  • Low cost
  • Made in America


Aluminum Case Silver-Gray
Wire Lead Type: Solid Color-Coded, 22 AWG
Hermetically Sealed Switch Contacts
Fully Epoxy Potted Assembly
Single Alarm Contacts: One Closed Loop or One Open Loop
Dual Alarm Contacts: Two Closed Loop, One Open Loop + One Closed Loop, or Two Open Loop
Integrated Removal Tamper Circuit: Closed Loop
Max Current: 0.25 A Resistive
Max Voltage: 30 VDC
Max Power: 0.250 W
Operating Temperature: -40° C to +80°C
Intended for Connection to UL Listed Compatible
Control Panels


MAGNASPHERE products are covered by U.S. and International Patents. Click to review each patent at the USPTO Patent Full-Text and Image Database.

US Patents

Wiring Schematics

Single Alarm

Dual Alarm