TECH TALK with Bob Dolph: Checking Your Contacts List


by Bob Dolph September 04, 2013 – One of the most basic elements of an intrusion system is the alarm contact or switch used to secure doors, windows and other building openings. Although ubiquitous and not overly complex, alarm contacts nonetheless require the utmost attention to ensure proper alarm system operations. It’s been a considerable time since we have discussed the important and exciting subject of magnetic alarm contact sensors. These small, often inconspicuous components of alarm systems have been around since the beginning of the industry. The alarm contact, if properly selected and installed, can provide reliable and often stealth detection of openings being breached, devices being moved and building perimeters being compromised. However, if not properly applied and installed, these devices can cause customer complaints of performance frustration, false alarms, and possible missed detection by the alarm system. mag-alarm-no-alarm
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