Introducing the MSS-RFS Series Wireless Security Sensor. Designed as a replacement / upgrade for the OEM’s RF sensor, the patent-pending MSS-RFS series provides the strongest FCC allowable output signal while maintaining a 14+ year battery life – IN A NARROW, LOW-PROFILE, AESTHETICALLY APPEALING HOUSING!!

The MSS-RFS is the only wireless sensor utilizing the award-winning MAGNASPHERE switch technology instead of 70 year-old glass reed switches used by others. The robust all metal MAGNASPHERE switch is impervious to contact welding and resistant to magnetic tamper and defeat.

MAGNASPHERE’s MSS-RFS wireless sensors are compatible with the following OEM* formats: MSS-RFS-100 = UTC – INTERLOGIX / ITI / ELK,SS-RFS-200 = HONEYWELL / 2GIG,MSS-RFS-300 = NAPCO.

MAGNASPHERE® Corp. provides superior performing magnetic contact sensor technology for the residential, commercial, and federal government security markets. The MSS-RFS’ leading-edge technology aims to set new industry standards for wireless security sensors while providing an affordable and more effective alternative to reed-based security contacts.
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