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MSS Multi-Switch Series

MAGNASPHERE’s MSS-300 Series of Recessed and Surface-Mount Contacts offer two or three separate contact outputs; ideal for installations where a single contact is desired for use with multiple independent systems (e.g. IDS and ACS) and Home Automation applications.

In response to a request from the U.S. Department of State, MAGNASPHERE has introduced both a 1” concealed and a surface mount version of multiple switch contacts for non-high security installations. They are offered in two and three contact configurations and in both Open and Closed Loop variations, depending on installation requirements. The MSS-300 Series provides a single switch solution for monitoring multiple systems (Intrusion Detection and Access Control) and for Home Automation applications. Older style security contacts have been made with a decades-old technology call the Reed switch, which have three inherent weaknesses when used as security contacts. They are (1) Easily defeated with magnets (2) Prone to permanent contact weld failure (lightning, power surges) and (3) Fragile (made mostly of glass, they are subject to damage even when packaged as security contacts). The unique Magnasphere switch used in these devices renders the MSS-300 series products virtually unbreakable and highly resistant to permanent contact welding and outsider magnetic defeat.

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