MAGNASPHERE Selected as 2009 Global Security Challenge Finalist

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The Global Security Challenge Competition (GSC) recognizes Magnasphere as one of the Most Promising Security Start-Up Companies for 2009. Magnasphere will compete in the GSC Security Summit Finals in London on November 13.

WAUKESHA, Wisconsin – (PRWEB) October 6, 2009 – The Global Security Challenge, one of the world’s most prestigious international security competitions honoring excellence and innovation in the security industry, announced the selection of Magnasphere Corp. as a finalist for the Most Promising Security Start-Up company for 2009. Magnasphere, and five other high-tech innovative finalists, will battle it out on November 13 at the 2009 GSC Security Summit in London.

The Global Security Challenge LLP, the organizers of the international competition, seek to highlight the world’s most promising security technologies that make airports, cities and enterprises safer without encroaching on civil liberties. Its goal is to support and promote researchers, infant companies and other inventors, and ensure valuable new technologies can develop and prosper. Through the Most Promising Security Start-Up category, the GSC seeks to provide innovative companies with additional support to be put towards development and commercialization.

The Magnasphere high security switch, invented by Dr. Randall Woods, was designed to replace reed switch security system contacts which may allow intruders to break into any home or business undetected. “When I heard of a home that was broken into and the alarm didn’t go off, I wanted to know why,” said Dr. Woods. “I soon discovered the reed switch security flaw and set out to design a more secure switch technology that would do the job that I thought the reed switch contact was supposed to do.”

Invented in the 1930’s for telecommunications applications, the reed switch magnetic contact has since been adapted for use in security systems to detect unauthorized access through doors and windows. Despite its widespread acceptance, the reed switch contact’s easily exploitable operational flaw undermines its ability to effectively act as a security system’s first line of defense, compromising the integrity of the entire security system.

“Most people don’t realize how easy it is for an intruder to defeat a reed switch security system contact and evade detection,” said Rick Kirschman, President of Magnasphere Corp. “Magnets are the kryptonite to the common reed switch. If a rogue magnet was placed within range of a reed switch contact, an intruder could enter almost any home or business undetected without triggering an alarm.”

Underwriters Laboratories, the U.S. product safety testing organization, recently announced a new UL 634 Level 2 High Security Standard for connectors and switches used with security systems. This new standard will identify the magnetic contacts and sensors that provide the absolute highest level of physical perimeter intrusion detection. Virtually unbeatable and unbreakable, the Magnasphere HSS high security sensor sensor meets the new UL 634 Level 2 standard and ensures high security areas remain secured.

Security experts agree that the most devastating threats to corporate and government security in the future may come from employees who were deemed trusted insiders. Armed with a simple magnet, an intruder or trusted employee can disable reed switch based magnetic contacts so they can enter secured areas undetected at a later time. “At the heart of every security system lies trust; trust that the system is going to work when you really need it,” said Kirschman. “How can you trust a security system built around the exploitable reed switch contact?”

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A privately held company, Magnasphere Corp. was founded in 2002 with the purpose of providing superior performing magnetic contact sensor technology to the residential, commercial, and federal government security markets. Magnasphere leading edge technology aims to set new industry standards for high security sensors while providing a more affordable and effective alternative to inferior reed switch based security system contacts. Additionally, the Magnasphere switch technology has extensive application capabilities in non-security industrial markets.