New Motion Sensing Technology

Traditional motion detectors based on infrared, microwaves or a combination of both require professionals to make a choice: either increase security at the expense of having to deal with frequent false alarms, or reduce false alarms but, at the same time, the risk that intruders go undetected. As for false alarms, with traditional motion-detection technology, even simple events like trapped birds in a warehouse, cats roaming in a yard, changing light or weather conditions can quickly become headaches for everyone involved, from the service manager to the building owner.

Thanks to its proprietary system design, based on the time proven FMCW radar technique, the MSK-101 goes far beyond what conventional motion detectors can do, and delivers unmatched performance at detecting intruders while minimizing false positives due to small animals or varying environmental conditions.

Unlike traditional motion detectors based on infrared or microwaves, thanks to its advanced architecture, the MSK-101 can compute in real time the distance of the moving target, while estimating its size. With this unique target discriminating features, and its ability to signal any panel, motion happening in three configurable area ranges, the MSK-101 can dramatically improve the security of any intrusion detection system, indoors or outdoors, while virtually eliminating false alarms.