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MAGNASPHERE Introduces New Unidirectional Tilt Switch

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MAGNASPHERE’s magnetic switching improves vibratory contact stability over non-mercury alternatives

WAUKESHA, WI, September 2013 – Magnasphere Corp. (www.magnasphere.com) announces the release of a new unidirectional tilt switch. An industrial grade non-mercury switch, the T1-AB-JS is RoHS compliant and is sealed from atmosphere and water. Configurable to either Form A or Form B, the unidirectional tilt switch requires no standby power consumption and has versatile mounting options. The new unidirectional tilt switch features precision switching range and is chemically inert.

“The unique magnetic switching capabilities of the Magnasphere technology improves vibratory stability versus other non-mercury alternatives, which has led to initial applications in the heavy truck industry”, said Senior Product Manager, Joseph Hedeen.

MAGNASPHERE’s patented, award-winning switch represents the first significant improvement in magnetic switch and sensor technology in70 years, and provides a better alternative to many switches used in industrial and commercial applications. MAGNASPHERE’s sensors have an unlimited potential for use in robotics, industrial and medical equipment, and within the vehicle industry (to name a just a few).