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MSS-RFS Wireless Sensor

MSS 'Standard' Series

   14+ years battery life

   Superior RF performance even on steel surfaces

   More secure & Cost Competitive


The MSS SERIES is resistant to:




Model MSS-RFS  |  Wireless Sensor

Designed as a replacement / upgrade for the OEM’s RF sensor, the patent-pending MSS-RFS series provides the strongest FCC allowable output signal while maintaining a 14+ year battery life – IN A NARROW, LOW-PROFILE, AESTHETICALLY APPEALING HOUSING!! Proven Industry History – MAGNASPHERE is the globally recognized High Security switch technology which is quickly becoming the standard for the government’s highest level secure applications. CSI engineers have decades of experience, including the invention of reliable wireless security products. These partner companies have teamed successfully to provide the security systems and components that protect America’s overseas embassies and other high asset locations. Now we can provide the best performing, most secure wireless sensors for all residential and commercial installations.


MSS-RFS-200 = HONEYWELL ( available Q2 2014 )
MSS-RFS-300 = 2 GIG ( available Q2 2014 )


MSS-RFS Wireless Sensor
3.2″ x 1.04″x .93″ (sensor), 1.25″ x .5″ x .38″ (magnet)




  • Made in America
  • Smaller / Narrow switch package
  • Higher Security MAGNASPHERE© Switch Technology
  • Superior RF performance even on steel surfaces
  • Ultra-low current draw extends battery life (up to 14+ years)
  • Side mounting of magnet
  • Terminals to allow connection of an external input
  • Built-in enclosure tamper
  • Low battery indication
  • Resistant to internal moisture build-up
  • Easy to install
  • Competitively priced

Size: Sensor Dimensions:
3.2″ L x .93″ W x 1.04″ H
[81.2 mm x 23.6 mm x 26.4 mm]

Magnet Dimensions:
1.25″ L x .38″ W x .5″ H
[31.7 mm x 9.6 mm x 12.7 mm
Operating Gap: .38″ [9.7 mm]
Colors: Belgian Gray or Brown
Battery:   3VDC, 1.55Ah, CR123A Lithium Battery
Typical Battery Life:   Up to 14+ Years
External Input Sampling Current:   20 µA
Supervisory Interval: 64 minutes
FCC Standard:    FCC Part 15
Switch Type: MAGNASPHERE “Open Loop”

Installation instructions for the MSS-RFS are available on the Downloads page in this section.


MAGNASPHERE products are covered by U.S. and International Patents. Click to review each patent at the USPTO Patent Full-Text and Image Database.

US Patents

No. 5530428 No. 6603378 No. RE379731

& Patents Pending

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