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Magnetic Proximity Sensor 070

Sensor Series

   Responds to ferrous metal

   Needs no magnet actuator

   Environmentally Safe & Low Cost


The SENSOR SERIES is resistant to:




Magnetic Proximity Sensor 070

NORAM’s sensors made with MAGNASPHERE switch technology, are ideal for rigorous applications where hermetically sealed, non-contact switching and sensing are required. Magnetic proximity sensor 070 features a normally open MAGNASPHERE switch housed in a rugged aluminum housing with stainless steel armored cable. Ideal for use in industrial applications. Rare earth magnet actuator in duplicate aluminum housing is included.

Sensing Zone

NORAM illustr-070


NORAM dimensions-070

Sensor Characteristics

Heavy Duty
Switch Rating:  250MA@30VDC
Contact Form:  NO (Form A)
Magnet and Switch Housing:  Cast Aluminum
Logo Indicates Activation Surface

Part Numbers

Magnetic Proximity Sensor 070