Magnetic Proximity Sensor 070

Sensor Series

   Responds to ferrous metal

   Needs no magnet actuator

   Environmentally Safe & Low Cost


The SENSOR SERIES is resistant to:




Magnetic Proximity Sensor 070

NORAM’s sensors made with MAGNASPHERE switch technology, are ideal for rigorous applications where hermetically sealed, non-contact switching and sensing are required. Magnetic proximity sensor 070 features a normally open MAGNASPHERE switch housed in a rugged aluminum housing with stainless steel armored cable. Ideal for use in industrial applications. Rare earth magnet actuator in duplicate aluminum housing is included.

Part Numbers

Magnetic Proximity Sensor 070

Sensor Characteristics

Heavy Duty
Switch Rating:  250MA@30VDC
Contact Form:  NO (Form A)
Magnet and Switch Housing:  Cast Aluminum
Logo Indicates Activation Surface

Sensing Zone

NORAM illustr-070


NORAM dimensions-070