Advanced & Effective Switch Technology

Residential/Commercial Security


Armed with a simple magnet, an intruder can defeat a security system and enter a home or business undetected. Learn How >>

Government/Military High Security


Experts agree that the most devastating threats to government and corporate security have come from employees who were deemed trusted insiders. Learn How >>

Industrial/Commercial Applications


MAGNASPHERE represents the first break-through in magnetic switch technology and is a superior solution for industrial/commercial OEM applications.  Learn More >>

A recent Stanford Report cites that “Insider threats are perhaps the most serious challenges that nuclear security systems face.”


Security News

In a research paper written by Matthew Bunn and Scott D. Sagan, “A Worst Practices Guide to Insider Threats: Lessons from Past Mistakes”, the Stanford scholars point to insiders as the culprits for stolen nuclear materials.

An April report in the Stanford News entitled “When it comes to security at nuclear facilities, danger likely lurks from within, Stanford scholar says”, highlights the dangers insiders pose to nuclear facilities as a result of theft and sabotage.  Read the full report >>

Preventing Security Threats from INSIDERS and OUTSIDERS

How effective are the “high security” contacts currently being used in government and military facilities?

Unless the contacts meet the stringent UL 634 Level 2 High Security requirements, preventing insider and/or outsider theft and sabotage is compromised.

Which high security contacts fulfill the requirements needed for UL 634 Level 2 high security approval?

MAGNASPHERE’s L2 Series high security contacts meet the strict UL 634 Level 2 High Security standards. Learn more about the Level 2 standards >>

MAGNASPHERE’s Level 2 HSS L2 Series

MAGNASPHERE’S high security devices have been already been installed in many government facilities and institutions, replacing vulnerable magnetic reed switches with patented advanced security technology.  The L2 Series contacts are retro-fit for existing BMS devices and competitively priced.  Read more >>  

MSS-RFS Wireless Sensor

The Most Secure Wireless Sensors Available Anywhere in the World

Introducing the MSS-RFS Series Wireless Security Sensor. Designed as a replacement / upgrade for the OEM’s RF sensor, the patent-pending MSS-RFS series provides the strongest FCC allowable output signal …read more →



MAGNASPHERE’s latest product releases include the Unidirectional  and Omnidirectional Tilt Switches.  Both models are industrial grade, non-mercury switches, RoHS compliant, and sealed from atmosphere and water. The unidirectional and omnidirectional tilt switches require no standby power consumption AND and their magnetic switching improves vibratory contact stability over non-mercury alternatives.… read more →


Recent Customers

A luxury car manufacturer and various agencies within the U.S. Government are just few of the organizations that have made the switch to MAGNASPHERE technology.